GWRRA Minnesota Chapter Q

Gold Wing Road Riders Association, America's Heartland (Region E)


Here you will find pictures from some of our events.

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We like to think spring but winter gave us one las

Scott and Vicki visit with Todd.

Manning the GWRRA booth.

The bike Bob has his eye on. Don't tell Robin.

Kevn always selling the product

Bob and Renae holding down the fort.

No wonder he is a champion recruiter.

Kevin almost has a signature . . .

Nadine and Luella visit

Mike and Luella

Nancy and Vicki look at new helmets.

Bob visits with Cindy and Bob at the booth.

Nancy is really interested.

Nadine hasn't moved, she just has more friends sto

Elaine, Darry, Shed & Joe visit like old friends.

Bob's thinking that maybe, just once, he should ge

Renae, Al, Don and Rita visit like old friends.

Mike and Luella, our newest riders.

These two need no introduction.

Lots of food.

Bob thinks its time for a new bike - red's a nice

Lots of bikes.

Bob? I think he's over there looking at a red bik

Lots of great people.

Shed and Joe are having a great time.

And lots of fun.

Dave and Belinda represent Chapter W.


Album Moon Motors Open House April 2014

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Selected Photo: We like to think spring but winter gave us one las

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