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Bob & Fran Frazee | 5/26/2019

Good morning everyone.  It promises to be a wonderful day and I’m going to join Scott Mattson on a ride for some pie.

But before I go I just wanted to remind you about one of the features Jim Rivord has set up on the Chapter Q web page   Its called a “Blog”.  This is a page where members can contribute information which may be enhance our members’ riding experience.  Its easy to find, just follow these links:

When you ae on the Home Page > Chapter > Blog

Do not confuse this page with sending an e-mail message from Membership > Member List.

E-mail messages are for short term messages about a current event [scheduling an event, canceling a ride, spreading the news, etc.] while the Blog page is for posting information that has no expiration date [Great rides, How to buy a Helmet, What to take on a ride, etc]  Information you may want to look up at a future date.

Have a great Memorial Day.  Don’t forget, this is a day set aside for the nation to express its gratitude and remember those who have fallen in battle.

Bob Frazee

Membership Enhancement Coordinator 



Name Bob & Fran Frazee
This note may need some twiking but you get the idea. Bob MEC